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Privacy In Focus | April 29th


by Leanna Cofano

We bring you a round up of articles and updates in the data sphere.


Europe: EU readies ground-breaking law to force tech giants to clean up their platforms. This piece suggests that the UK is likely to follow plans for the biggest overhaul in 20 years of European policy towards the internet, considering the mirroring of EU regulations on tech since Brexit.

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Global: IAPP has covered the story the establishment of the Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Forum of the US along with Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and Chinese Taipeias found here


Alternatively See US Department of Commerce direct information page:

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ICO: The ICO have compiled a comprehensive Children’s Code Hub and advancements have been made in California.

The world-leading #ChildrensCode which sets out how online services that are likely to be accessed by children should be designed with protecting children in mind. It shows a real desire to move beyond protecting children from the digital world, but instead protect them within it.

The digital world is borderless, so it is important that the code gains recognition worldwide with more countries using it as a blueprint for their own laws and regulations. This will enable stronger digital protections for children around the world.

Very recently, the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act passed the first committee stage on the path to becoming Californian law. This bill looks to introduce a design code in California (including Silicon Valley) that is inspired by the ICO’s Children Code.

ICO say they have been working behind the scenes with colleagues around the world to fly the flag for a consistent worldwide approach to designing online services with child protection built in.

As Jordan Cunningham, one of the Californian Assembley-man, said ‘the code “has already led to significant changes that are keeping the kids in the UK safer, and we need that in California, we need that in America”.

John Edwards, UK Information Commissioner, said: “The moves being made in California to follow in the footsteps of the ICO’s Children’s code speaks to the influence and leadership the UK has in the digital economy. A Californian law will further increase the protections that children have online, and continue a global trend towards sensible and practical regulation that keeps children safe to enjoy the benefits of the digital world.”

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