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Data Protection Training


Data Protection training can be of benefit to anyone working within data protection, information security and privacy. It is particularly useful for those working as, or aspiring to become, Data Protection Officers (DPO) as the courses provide essential knowledge of the core legislation and best practices.


DPO Training

Get the knowledge and skills to manage data protection for your business. With the changing compliance landscape, the need for professionals with data protection knowledge has never been greater. For example, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organisations to appoint a Data Protection Office (DPO), who will be independent and will report to the regulator. We have a range of training courses that can help you develop the appropriate skills of a DPO, or similar, and be best-placed to take advantage of new opportunities arising.


Our Data Protection courses can also be of value for those working in Project Management, Legal Departments, Marketing, IT and Human Resources, where an understanding of the law will help to provide confidence and inform decision taking.


Need Data Protection Training?

Contact us for more information or visit the ‘‘training‘ page for details on our scheduled Data Protection and Privacy certification training courses.