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    AllNet Law - Employer Application and Agreement

    Intern in Britain Programme

    Thank you for applying to host an international intern through AllNet Law's intern in Britain programme. A UK government approved scheme of the Temporary Worker Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) visa category.

    If you have not already, please read through the internship eligibility page of our website to find out more about BUNAC and the conditions of the intern in Britain programme.

    AllNet Law will conduct a screening of your company to ensure your compliance with the conditions of the programme before and during the proposed internship. While AllNet Law are responsible for the compliance of the programme, you remain responsible to follow UK law and employment regulations throughout the programme duration.

    If you are approved as a host employer, AllNet Law will issue your intern with a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), which will allow them to apply to the UK government for a Temporary Work Government Authorised Exchange visa.

    Please read through the terms and conditions of your application with AllNet Law found at the end of this form before submitting. If you are found in breach of these terms and conditions during the internship your intern's sponsorship could be terminated and you could be in breach of the UK Visa and Immigration rules.

    If you have any questions or doubts about your eligibility, don't hesitate to contact the AllNet Law compliance team by emailing

    Name of Intern*

    Placement Company (if applicable)

    Only fill out if you sourced this intern through a third party provider

    Your Company Details

    Has your company hosted an internship through ALLNet Law's sponsorship before?*

    Company Name* (As registered in companies house)

    Companies House UK Registration Number*

    If not on Companies House, please give more details:

    e.g. registered with alternative national or statutory body
    Registered Company Address*

    Address Intern will be located at for work (if different to main company address) (NOT where they will be living)

    Company Telephone Number (Main)*

    Company Website*

    Total number of permanent full-time staff members working at the internship location*

    *Please note that ALLNet Law requires there to be a full-time staff to intern ratio of 5:1. If you have less than 5 full-tme permanent staff please contact the team at to clarify your eligibility as a host employer.

    Total number of interns that will be present during the time of this proposed internship (including any domestic interns or work experience students)*

    Supervisor Details

    Who will be directly supervising the intern during the programme?



    Phone Number*


    This should be a business address, not a personal e.g. account

    2nd Contact Details (if different to main supervisor)

    Is there somebody else within your company who is arranging the internship that we should contact if we have further questions?



    Phone Number*


    This should be a business address, not a personal e.g. account

    Internship Details

    Name of Internship Placement*

    e.g. Marketing internship. This must reflect an internship, not a permanent position.
    Internship Start Date*

    Internship End Date*

    Hours per Week*

    (25 hours per week minimum, 40 Maximum)
    Gross Salary in GBP (If intern will be exempt from the national minimum wage please enter 0) *

    All paid internships MUST meet UK National Minimum Wage requirements. Any internship for more than 6 months MUST be paid.)
    Remuneration Frequency*

    The intern will be paid at least National Minimum WageThe intern will be a voluntary worker for a charity, voluntary organisation, associated fund raising body or a statutory body, therefore they will not eligible for the national minimum wageThe internship will consist of job shadowing ONLY, meaning no work is carried out by the intern and they are only observing, therefore they will not be eligible for the national minimum wageThe intern will be a volunteer not eligible for the national minimum wage. They cannot be made to perform specific duties and are under no obligation to provide services. They are providing their time and effort freely.
    Employers offering voluntary internships can only cover reasonable out of pocket expenses and cannot offer a stipend. It is up to the employer to comply with volunteer regulations.

    Internship Training Plan

    In order to approve and sponsor the internship BUNAC must understand how the internship meets our eligibility criteria. This includes seeing that the intern will be involved in varied and complex work (NQF Level 3+) and that their position will be supernumerary, not displacing a job role you would otherwise need to recruit for.

    Please provide a statement on how the position is supernumerary: how is the interns role different from that of a permanent employee? Why would you not need to replace this role if it went unfilled? *

    Brief description of Intern's Role during this Program (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph and NOT a list of tasks): *

    Training Plan

    Please split the placement in to phases (minimum of 3) - this may be weekly or monthly depending on the length of the internship. Each phase should have a specific goal and objective, details of supervision and methods to be used & description of specific training or tasks. Information on how the intern will accomplish their objectives must be stated. Each phase must demonstrate how it has developed from the previous one .

    Phase 1 (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph, NOT a list of tasks):

    Phase 2 (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph, NOT a list of tasks):

    Phase 3 (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph, NOT a list of tasks):

    Phase 4 (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph, NOT a list of tasks):

    Phase 5 (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph, NOT a list of tasks):

    Phase 6 (Please provide a brief descriptive paragraph, NOT a list of tasks):

    Pre-Site Visit Requirements

    A visit may be required to the internship site before the internship application can proceed. If any of the below statements apply to your company, please tick below and ALLNet Law will contact you.

    AllNet Law will be in touch with the supervisor or contact listed on this form to confirm:
    • They have not and will not be advertising to fill the internship vacancy as a full-time job.
    • They have not previously used an alternative visa or employment route to fill internship role.
    • They have the required number of full-time staff to intern ratio - 5:1 on site.
    • They have adequate office space for the intern this cannot be in a residential space or working from home full time.
    • The supervisor has the necessary skills and qualifications to mentor a highly skilled intern.
    • They can demonstrate the task progression and rotational nature of the internship outlined in the training plan.
    • They can provide AllNet Law with an agreed date for a visit to be conducted during the internship.
    AllNet Law reserves the right to reject, at any stage, any application which is not deemed to be in the best interests of the programme. We act under the authority of the UK government. Sponsorship approval is at AllNet Law’s discretion and visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government. AllNet Law is not responsible for any visa applications delayed or refused.

    Employer Declaration


    • I have verified the programme eligibility of the intern including his/her academic level.
    • The English language skills of the intern are of a high level and understand that he/she may be required to provide an official SELTS score, at his/her own cost, if requested by AllNet Law.
    • The internship offered constitutes short term supernumerary work experience with the goal of sharing best practice and skills, while also providing an opportunity for the intern to experience the wider culture of the UK.
    • The internship described above is a skilled position requiring a minimum qualification level of NQF3 or equivilent.
    • The salary and conditions of employment comply with UK National Minimum Wage and all other applicable legislation.
    • I have discussed and agreed with the intern the nature of the placement and the level of remuneration.
    • I understand the Certificate of Sponsorship issued is specific to this internship and employer, and therefore the position cannot change or deviate from the training plan provided.
    • I will inform AllNet Law immediately if the placement deviates from any of the information provided in the Employer Application and Agreement Form.
    • I will report any problems with the intern to AllNet Law. I will inform AllNet Law within 48 hours if the Intern does not show up for work or there are any issues.
    • The organisation has the physical and financial resources to implement this internship throughout the period specified above.
    • During the period of the internship I will not offer the intern any employment other than that specified above.
    • I will ensure that the intern is adequately supervised during the period of the internship. I will provide a permanent and secure location for the internship during the placement and will notify AllNet Law immediately if this changes.
    • I understand the intern cannot work from home or work in a residential setting unless approved by AllNet Law . Hybrid internships are allowed.
    • I agree to facilitate and co-operate with a site visit by a AllNet Law staff member during the internship.
    • AllNet Law will try to assist with any problems by liaising with you as the employer and the intern.
    • I agree to co-operate with AllNet Law if an intern is not meeting the standards of the programme.
    • If AllNet Law finds that any of these agreed conditions are not being met, then AllNet Law will issue a notification warning of 5 working days to resolve the issue. If the issue has not been resolved or the solution does not meet AllNet Law standards, then AllNet Law can terminate the intern’s sponsorship.
    • If the period of internship as specified above is terminated, or any other of the details above change for any reason, we will advise AllNet Law immediately.
    • The terms of this Internship Agreement may not be abridged or otherwise altered without the express written permission of AllNet Law. Any additional agreement between employer and intern may not contradict or override any of the conditions in this agreement.
    • I understand that AllNet Law as the programme sponsor is responsible to UKVI for monitoring compliance with the Temporary Workers visa conditions and that AllNet Law may rescind the intern’s sponsorship or require modification of the internship at any time if AllNet Law determines that the regulations are not being followed.
    • I am fully authorised to sign this Internship Agreement. I certify that the above is true and accurate and that any false or misleading statements may lead to serious consequences and penalties.






    SUBMIT the form when ready to send to AllNet Law for review.

    SAVE the form if you are not finished and would like to return to complete the form later. You will be prompted to open a jotform account, you can click skip this step at the bottom of this prompt.