How to get CIPP/E Certified

July 21, 2021

by Ed Pierce, Social Buzzing

What is CIPP/E?

The Certified Informational Privacy Certification (CIPP/E) is offered as the premier European data protection certification. The certification is offered by IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals). IAPP is the largest privacy community globally and helps promote and improve the privacy profession. IAPP offers various certifications, of which the CIPP/E certification is well recognised.

Why get certified?

When you get certified for CIPP/E, you can advance in your career and become a professional in the domain of privacy. The reasons to get certified are:

  • You will be a part of a group of professionals who are knowledgeable and have proven expertise in privacy and data protection.
  • Top companies that need privacy professionals would look for people who have the CIPP/E certification.
  • CIPP/E certified professionals can help move up the career ladder faster in their organizations.
  • Getting certified helps you demonstrate your understanding of principles and knowledge base in privacy for the European context.

Getting CIPP/E certified

If you want a distinct career advantage, then you can get certified for CIPP/E. It will help you make your mark in this domain. Here is how the process of getting certified works:

  • To be certified, you need to pass an exam that tests your knowledge of privacy and data protection. To be able to successfully pass the exam, you can take up a course.
  • A CIPP/E course will help you in your quest to get certified. These courses are offered by reputed institutions. You need to choose any of them to take up the course.
  • The course offered would have various modules to help you learn everything you need to know related to data protection and privacy. The modules that would be covered in such courses include:
    • Data protection laws
    • Personal data
    • Roles and relationships of controllers and processors
    • Processing personal data
    • Information provision
    • Data subjects rights
    • Security or processing
    • Accountability
    • International data transfers
    • Supervision and enforcement
    • Compliance

Completing a course from an IAPP approved partner such as ALLNET Law will help make the road to certification easy. ALLNET Law provides the CIPP/E training over a duration of 4 half days (15 hours) and delivered by a competent instructor.

ALLNET Law is proud to be an IAPP Official Training Partner, providing delegates with the specialist training and tools to pass the CIPP/E qualification. All our courses are taught by qualified practitioners with commercial experience.

At ALLNET Law we strive to give our delegates the hands-on experience and do not just focus on the knowledge and exam techniques. Our comprehensive style of delivery provides you with the practical application and invaluable insight to Data Privacy and Compliance in the real world.

    • We are an approved IAPP Training Partner.
    • You can learn wherever and whenever you want with our robust classroom and interactive online training courses.
    • Our courses are taught by qualified practitioners with commercial experience.
    • We strive to give our delegates the hands-on experience.
    • Our courses are all-inclusive with no hidden extras. The one-off cost covers the training, all course materials, and exam voucher.
    • Our aim: To achieve a 100% first time pass rate on all our instructor-led courses.
    • Our Promise: Pass first time or ‘train’ again for FREE.
      *FREE training offered for retakes – come back within a year and only pay for the exam.

Find out more about ALLNET Law’s scheduled CIPP/E instructor-led training