Privacy In Focus | January

January 26, 2024

by Olena Nechyporuk

We bring you a round up of articles and updates in the data sphere

26 January

Italian DPA fines municipality for using AI surveillance

The Italian DPA fined the municipality of Trento 50000 euros after for using AI in violation of GDPR. The AI-driven surveillance system, with the support of a research foundation, was using cameras and microphones in public spaces. A critical sticking point was over the use of AI in biometric surveillance.

In 2023, the DPA briefly banned popular chatbot ChatGPT in Italy. In 2021, it also said a facial recognition system tested by the Italian Interior Ministry did not comply with privacy laws.

This use of AI by the municipality was to prevent crime and was funded by an EU foundation. The municipality has said that an appeal against the decision may be considered.

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26 Billion Records Leaked – Twitter, Dropbox and LinkedIn user affected

A 12TB database combining several previous data breaches was discovered, which had information such as usernames and passwords from major companies like Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and the like. Although the data breaches are several years old, some of the information may still be accurate and available to use for various malicious purposes.

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How Secure are AI Chatbots?

There is a growing risk associated with using AI chatbots, especially when they have access to sensitive and private information. An article outlining tips on how to protect your privacy and to understand the risks involved with any chatbot:

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False Arrest: How reliable are Facial Recognition Apps in law enforcement?

There is a growing concern about the reliability and security of relying on facial recognition software. An American was falsely arrested after a facial recognition camera mistakenly identified him as a robber. The cased adds to a growing number of wrongful facial recognition arrest

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DPOs having hard job of ensuring correct standards

The EDPB issued a report on the state of Data Protection from various DPOs. A commentary on the report took place on LinkedIn Live on 25/02/24. “There are still many companies that have no DPO in place and do not fully comply with the required standards” …

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