Privacy In Focus | June

June 1, 2022

by Leanna Cofano

We bring you a round up of articles and updates in the data sphere.


The UK government has released their proposals regarding intended UK data protection reforms in full as below

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To which the British Data watchdog the ICO has issued a statement of response

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A member of the data community has put together a brief handy summery available on LinkedIn

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In other news, the EU and the USA are working together to cooperate against ransomware attacks with judicial experts and legal practitioners from the US department of Justice and EU criminal justice organisation Eurojust working together in a two day workshop in The Hague with a view to enhance international cooperation to stop ransomware attacks by sharing best practices and maximising collaboration in confronting ransomware attacks. Read more below

United States and EU Foster Cooperation Against Ransomware Attacks | OPA | Department of Justice



CNIL have released a ‘Developer’s Guide to GDPR’ which provides an approach to the principles of GDPR with key points of attention to consider when developing and deploying applications that should be respectful of users’ privacy.

See here for the GDPR developer’s guide

Furthermore see the Questions and answers on the CNIL’s formal notices concerning the use of Google Analytics from the French data protection watchdog, insisting that it will take more than a few tweaks to legalise the use of google Analytics.

Following the formal notice from CNIL to multiple organisations comply with the use of Google Analytics after the invalidation of the Privacy Shield due to the transfer of data to the United States without sufficient guarantees for the rights of European users they have put together a Q & A as above.


Find out more on the draft discussion regarding American Data Privacy and Protection Act is being discussed in the U.S. Congress.

In Maryland the Personal Information Protection Act is enacted which is legislation centred on protecting consumers’ personal identifying information and ensure they are notified if there is a breach Read more at (

EU: A thought provoking piece regarding the well intended ‘reinvention’ of Cambridge Analytica by Professor of Law Jane Bambauer as the EU is looking to begin enforcement of the Digital Markets act, which along with other key Acts will be reshaping the European digital econom

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Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC) and the European Commission sent an additional letter to WhatsApp calling on the company to take action to address remaining concerns about its updates to its terms of service and privacy policy and to clearly inform consumers of their business model. WhatsApp now has one month to demonstrate to consumer protection authorities that its practices comply with EU consumer law.

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UK: As of today 1.6.22 , popular -Buy now pay later- shopping service by global retail bank ‘Klarna’ will report the use the of BNPL feature on products and payments, and whether a payment was paid off in time, with two major credit reference agencies – ‘Trans Union’ and Experian orders put in from June whether in the pay in 30 days or pay in 3 modes will now have the potential to help user build their credit score this move means that by late 2022 consumers in the UK may find their credit scores being impacted. positively and negatively depending on the actions. Following the Woolard Review the UK Government has intended to have the FCA more oversight of such buy now pay later mechanisms, since early 2022. Read more

It is sometimes claimed that women may be at greater risk of falling into debt with this method that is increasing in popularity. If you are interested in the trends and patterns that data analytics can pick up, revealed from data on the company’s consumers last winter, they showed that typically women tend to pay back earlier, even making early payments and are less likely to default on a payment, whilst generally spending less per Klarna order. Read more

Italy: Cat and mouse cyber attacks between Anonymus and KillNet – first a threat, and then a jovial pat on the back from one day to the next.

Earlier last week the Twitter account linked to the hacktivists Anonymus @ YourAnonOne network linked to the talian fraction at @AnonNewsItalia declared war on the KillNet hackers.

Then after the threats on Sunday by the hackers, who spoke of an ” irreparable blow “, the national cybersecurity agency launched an alert asking everyone to “raise their guard levels” and pay attention to any activity outside the norm, which was then followed by the hacker group complimenting the Italian Computer Security Incident Response Team set up at the National Cybersecurity Agency as only some minor casualties were recorded…

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UK: ICO – The UK Information Commissioner has called on the criminal justice sector to immediately stop collecting excessive amounts of personal information from victims of rape and serious sexual assault cases. The below Commissioner’s Opinion points to a “distressing picture” of police treatment towards victims of rape and sexual assault within the legal system. Calling for an end to ‘Stafford statements’ victims feel that they have to sign these blanket consent forms for the access to their information such as medical history, school records and digital devices for example. Research found that 1/5 victims end up withdrawing their complaint due to privacy concerns.

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US: IAPP reports that the American Congress is reportedly making strides toward a bipartisan agreement on federal privacy legislation. In this paper an IAPP fellow examines the privacy bills proposed during the 117th Congress, which have received support from both the Democrat and Republican parties. The white paper aims to show why certain pieces of legislation have broader support among lawmakers and how they differ from proposals carrying party-line support.

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