Privacy In Focus | May 27th

May 27, 2022

by Leanna Cofano

We bring you a round up of articles and updates in the data sphere.

Across the UK and US, well-known companies have been disciplined for data breaches:


US regulators fine twitter $150m for handing users’ contact details to advertisers that was information collected for security purposes –

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Washington DC’s attorney general has sued Mark Zuckerberg, seeking to hold the Facebook co-founder personally responsible for his alleged role in allowing the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to harvest the personal data of millions of Americans during the 2016 election cycle.

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With CNBC stating that Facebook users are receiving direct cash compensation

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Uk: ICO fines Clearview AI Inc, a facial recognition database company over £7.5m and orders the data from the to be deleted –

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Google sued for using the NHS data of 1.6 million Britons ‘without their knowledge or consent’

The Royal Free NHS Trust in London, which gave Google the patient data, was previously told the move was illegal following an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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