Over 120 00 drivers for Uber complained to the French human rights organisation Ligue des droits de l’Homme et du citoyen (LDH) that Uber was making it difficult for them to access their personal data. The French Supervisory Authority referred this case to Netherlands, where Uber has its headquarters. On the 31st of January the Dutch Data Protection Authority issued a fine of 10 million euros to Uber.

The company was making it very difficult for drivers to access their records – the request button, although accessible through the app, was hidden under many layers of menu options. When the drivers got their data, the file was poorly organised, making the information very difficult to interpret. Uber declined to explain whether it shared the details of European drivers to countries outside of the EEA. Upon the issuing of the fine, Uber has issued a notice of objection regarding the DPA’s decision.

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