What is CIPP/E and who is it for?

May 20, 2021

by Ed Pierce, Social Buzzing

What is CIPP/E and who is it for?

The Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) helps the professional get an in-depth knowledge of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) along with the required perspective and understanding to ensure data protection success and compliance in Europe. This certification is the perfect way for you to take advantage of the opportunity the GDPR legislation has to offer.

What is CIPP/E?

CIPP/E is an ANSI/ISO accredited privacy certification offered by the IAPP. There are total three such certifications that differ in the specificity of the skills and knowledge that has to be tested and the level of complexity. These certifications are globally recognized as a proof of your expertise. It confirms that you have the knowledge of the basic rules and legislations in the personal data protection field. The most common one is that on the European Data Protection Law, but there are different CIPP certifications for Asia, Canada and the I.S.

Having the certification demonstrates that you have an understanding of privacy, its principles, regulations and laws on storage, handling, and transfer of data along with how to apply them. The other two certifications – CIPT and CIPM are also based on applying these standards and rules, and understanding how the system works. But, there isn’t any formal requirement to get these certifications in a particular sequence. In most cases, after the CIPP certification, people go for the CIPM certification. It tests your management skills and knowledge of implementing as well as maintaining a system of data protection. This includes organizing the privacy team’s work, applying frameworks, measuring performance, communicating with stakeholders, changing business processes, etc.

How does the exam for CIPP/E takes place?

Anyone can take the CIPP/E exam including lawyers, IT specialists, marketing specialists, risk managers, HR, entrepreneurs, etc. The exam is a computer test during which you will have to answer 90 questions within 150 minutes. You will have to leave all the electronics at the entrance of the test centre including watches, telephone, or any other information source. You will have a desk with a computer that has a video camera attached to it. The exam is available in German, French, and, of course, English. You will need above average language proficiency to pass the exam.

It is important to note that this certification is not mandatory to work as a privacy professional for GDPR. However, obtaining the CIPP/E certification will definitely give you several advantages that will compensate all the costs associated with the test.